Light aircraft flights

Light Aircraft Introductory Flights!

Fly in a 4-seat Socata from as little as £80 for 3 passengers!*
The super TB10 aircraft is based at Henstridge near Shaftesbury, about 40 minutes away.
Your air experience will start with a coffee in the clubhouse where you will meet your pilot. He or she will brief you on some basic safety matters before leading you out to the aircraft. Once securely strapped in, the sky’s the limit! This is not a lesson as the pilots are not instructors but you will be allowed to have a go at basic flying yourself!

Why not come early and have cooked breakfast in the clubhouse, or stay for lunch and just soak up the atmosphere. There are 3 Tiger Moths regularly flying, and all sorts of  other interesting aeroplanes, microlights and helicopters arriving and departing throughout the day. Microlight flights are also available.

Prices are £80, £120 and £150 for 30mins, 45mins and 1 hour**
To book or for more information Please call Geoff on 01963 363866 or 07813 901643 or John on 07768 254366

*Combined weight limits apply
**Times quoted are not necessarily airborne times as the flight experience begins when engine started.
***All flights are weather-dependent, however if you miss your flight due to weather you will have the option to re-book or have a full refund.