Trout noisettes, from The Wilderness Bath

Grilled Trout noisettes.

Making Trout noisettes is a great way to use up your catch and are much easier to grill and serve than a whole trout. I always have a bag of these in my freezer as it makes a quick and nutritious meal at any time. My kids love them especially on the BBQ!

Clean your fish thoroughly especially along the spine. I use the back of a teaspoon to scrape this out.
Cut  steaks about 2”  thick across the spine with a sharp knife. You will get 3-4 from a 3lb fish. Don’t be tempted to cut them thinner!
What to do with the tail?  Actually it tastes just as good as the steaks but doesn’t present as well so the chef usually gets this! Alternatively if you’re any good with a filleting knife you can make some mini fillets to grill.
Tie the flappy bits round in a circle with cotton string. This helps the fish cook evenly and makes it look much more presentable on the plate. It also creates a nice void for filling with a stuffing of your choice.

You can stuff the Noisettes with garlic butter, or lime and coriander butter and cook covered in the oven.
On the BBQ they work well dusted with blackened Cajun seasoning (my favourite!)  or jerk seasoning if you like a really spicy dish!